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Joining the Library

As the Embsay-with-Eastby Community Library is part of the North Yorkshire Library Service, to become a member of the library you just have to join North Yorkshire Libraries. As such, you will be able to borrow and return items at any library in North Yorkshire, as well as using the North Yorkshire online catalogue to find the items you want to borrow and manage your account.

Join in person

You can join the library in person by visiting Embsay Library (or any library in North Yorkshire). It's free to join, you don't need any ID and you only need to complete a short form.

There is no lower age limit for children to join and children under 16 can join without parental permission or a parent present.

Join online

If you are unable to visit a library, you can join the library by filling in an online form on the NYCC website .

After registering online, you will be sent an email confirming your membership. You don't need to meet the identification requirements in this message.

Your library card

When you become a member you will be given two library cards - one credit card-sized and a smaller one that can go on a keyring.

You cards show your borrower number and a barcode. Your borrower number will take the form 'DxxDxxxxxx0000', where x represents numbers.

If you lose your card, the first replacement is free but after that there is a £1.50 charge for a replacement.

Your PIN

As well as your library card, you will also be given a 4-digit PIN (personal identification number) that you will need with your borrower number to log in to your North Yorkshire online account. If you join in person, the library assistant will ask you to enter a PIN of your choice.

If you ever wish to change your PIN, you can do so by logging in to your North Yorkshire online account. If you are unable to do this, you will need to call into Embsay Library (or any library in North Yorkshire): for security reasons, we are unable to give out PINs over the telephone or via email.

Changing your details

Should any of your personal details ever change - for example, your address within North Yorkshire, phone number, email address - please tell us your new details as soon as possible.

If you move out of North Yorkshire, please tell us and return the card to your nearest library, along with any items you may have borrowed.

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